Return of the Refill Container: How to

Return of the Refill Container: How to På(fyll) is a circular service. The containers come to your home, get returned, go to someone else's home, get returned, and continue in the same loop – the circle simply doesn't complete unless the containers are returned to us. Each time you return a container instead of buying and discarding single-use packaging, you contribute to making the world a bit more sustainable.

Now, here you are, having turned the container upside down over the soap dispenser to get the last drops of soap out, and now you need a refill to avoid what we at På(fyll) call "foam sniffles" (the sound an empty soap dispenser makes when you try to get soap out, even though you know it's empty).

How to proceed?

Step 1:

Scan the QR code on the side of the container.

Step 2:

Choose "Order Refill" and go to the shopping cart. You can also add more products if you wish. Check the delivery date, choose a pickup time that suits you, and complete the order.

Wait a few days for the På(fyll) box to find its way to your home.

Step 3:

In the box with your new refill, you'll find a return label. Unpack the new containers and put the empty ones back in the same box. Attach the return label to the outside of the box, covering the old shipping label completely, and tape it shut.

Step 4:

Place the box out the evening before it is scheduled to be picked up. You'll also receive an SMS from us to remind you to place it out – we understand how easy it is to forget dates in daily life.

Step 5:

Repeat the process the next time you need a refill!

Leveranse fra På(fyll) på dørmatta!

Common Questions about Returns

"Can I request a return on PC as well?"

If you don't want or can't use the QR code, you can request a return when ordering a refill on the website or by going directly to på

"I've lost the return label. What should I do?"

You receive a pickup code when you request a return. You can clearly write this on the box if you haven't received or have lost the return label. It's important to remove or clearly mark over the previous shipping label so that the logistics are correct for the courier.

"Where should I place the box?"

As a general rule, place the box in the letter box if you live in a house or on the doorstep for apartments. If unsure, check

If the box doesn't fit in your letter box, you can hang it in a bag on the letter box, making it easy for the pickup courier to see and access it.

"Do I have to order new products when returning the empty containers?"

No, you can also order only pickup. Do this the same way: scan the QR code and choose "Pickup Only," or go to ppå

"Can I use a different box than the one the new containers came in?"

The return must be packed in a box, but you can use your own box as long as it's not larger than 35x35x12 cm. This ensures it meets Helthjem's package requirements and will be picked up from your location. However, we encourage the reuse of our "one-loop" box – the same box for new products as well as returns.

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  • Hand soap - klar
    Hand soap
    kr 104,04
    115,60 kr/l
  • Shower gel - klar
    Shower gel
    kr 153,03
    170,03 kr/l
  • Laundry detergent - Omo Color
    Laundry detergent
    kr 160,51
    Omo Color
    80,26 kr/l
  • Dish wash - Zalo
    Dish wash
    kr 50,67
    56,30 kr/l
  • Hand soap - lano
    Hand soap
    kr 71,22
    79,13 kr/l
  • Kitchen spray - klar
    Kitchen spray
    kr 138,76
    154,18 kr/l
  • Dish wash - klar
    Dish wash
    kr 98,30
    109,22 kr/l
  • Dishwashing Liquid Nature - Grumme
    Dishwashing Liquid Nature
    kr 66,55
    73,94 kr/l
  • Laundry Detergent - Grumme
    Laundry Detergent
    kr 151,13
    75,56 kr/l
  • Laundry Detergent Linden Flower - Grumme
    Laundry Detergent Linden Flower
    kr 151,13
    75,56 kr/l
  • Shower gel - Dr. Greve
    Shower gel
    kr 145,08
    Dr. Greve
    161,20 kr/l
  • Bathroom spray - Jif
    Bathroom spray
    kr 71,45
    79,39 kr/l
  • Kitchen spray - Jif
    Kitchen spray
    kr 71,58
    79,53 kr/l
  • Laundry detergent - Blenda Sensitiv Hvit & Farget
    Laundry detergent
    kr 130,38
    Blenda Sensitiv Hvit & Farget
    72,43 kr/l
  • OMO Ultra White liquid detergent  - Omo
    OMO Ultra White liquid detergent
    kr 104,94
    58,30 kr/l
  • Universal spray - Jif
    Universal spray
    kr 47,59
    52,88 kr/l
  • Green soap - Krystal
    Green soap
    kr 95,28
    52,93 kr/l
  • Laundry detergent - klar
    Laundry detergent
    kr 131,86
    73,26 kr/l
  • Laundry detergent - Milo
    Laundry detergent
    kr 170,50
    94,72 kr/l

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