Dishwashing soap klar
Dishwashing soap klar
Dishwashing soap
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This 900 ml container replaces around 2 normal plastic bottles of 0 ml. View details
Product description
Klar dishwashing soap is tough on dirt and grease, and is long-lasting in use. The product contains carefully selected ingredients that make the dishes efficient, without unnecessary chemicals. A smart and sustainable choice, quite simply. Klar dishwashing soap is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, Nordic Ecolabelled and is vegan. It has a mild and pleasant aroma of ginger and red clover. The product is concentrated and easy to use, you only need approx. ½ teaspoon detergent to a basin of water.
How to use
For this product, we recommend using a pump bottle for every-day use. Read more
Use approx. ½ teaspoon detergent to a basin with water (2 ml to 5 liters of water)
15-30%: Anionic surfactants. 5 -15%: Non-ionic surfactants. < 5%: Amphoteric surfactants, perfume, potassium sorbate. Also contains: Water, sodium chloride, sodium cumensulfonate and citric acid.

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