How to Wash Your Wool Clothing – Tips and Tricks

Few things are more annoying than ruining a soft and lovely woolen garment in the wash. Once it has happened, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do. But you can avoid it from happening again with simple steps.

When washing wool in the washing machine, it's crucial to use a detergent designed for wool, such as Milo. It's also important to select the right program and water temperature.

Machine wool program is better than handwashing

Even though you can, of course, handwash wool garments, they will last longer when washed in a wool program in the washing machine. Here, both temperature and spin are correctly adjusted.

Also, wash items that contain other materials in addition to wool on the wool wash program. This applies even if the garment contains only a small percentage of wool.

Always use detergent designed for wool

På(fyll) container with Milo wool detergent

Detergent designed for wool contains different enzymes than regular laundry detergents. These enzymes ensure that the wool fibers in garments are not damaged during washing, preserving softness and shape.

You can order Milo in a På(fyll) container (2 l) from us. Milo has a unique wool cleaning system and is specially made to care for wool and silk. If you use Milo when washing your wool garments, you'll avoid stiff and shrunken wool items.

Wool garments should be dried flat

If you want wool items to maintain their shape for as long as possible, it's smart to dry them flat instead of hanging on a hanger or a drying rack. For example, you can place the garment on the drying rack or on a towel on the floor with underfloor heating.

Important to know about wool washing

  • Always wash wool items on a gentle wool program
  • Remember to check the care label before washing
  • Always use detergent designed for wool
  • Do not fill the washing machine completely
  • Check if the wool item can handle a tumble dryer

How to handwash wool items

If you choose to handwash your wool items instead of using the wool program in the washing machine, there are several things to be aware of. Here are some useful tips:

  • The water should be around 30 degrees Celsius
  • Use detergent designed for wool, and make sure the detergent dissolves before putting clothes in the water
  • Avoid rubbing the garments when washing. It's better to squeeze.
  • Rinse wool items thoroughly in clean water, preferably three times. You can use fabric softener the third time.
  • It may be smart to spin wool items in the washing machine after handwashing
  • Dry wool items flat. This is especially important for large, thick wool items that become heavy when full of water. If you dry these hanging on a hanger, you'll end up with an overly long garment with a poor fit. Lighter, thin wool items like a bodysuit or tights can be hung to dry.


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