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På(fyll) delivers everyday products that you need refills of to your doorstep and takes the empty container back. It's a bit like a modern version of the milkman from the old days.

With circularity and sustainability in mind, we have chosen to join an existing delivery service - Helthjem - as a kind of collective transport. A few days after you have ordered a refill from our online store, your refill is delivered to your home. Either on your doorstep or in your mailbox, depending on where you live.

Easy refill ordering

All our containers have a unique QR code. When you need a refill of something, simply scan the code with your mobile phone. You will then be taken directly to our online store, where you can order your refill. You can also request a return there. Just place the empty container you want to return outside your doorstep. If you have only one container, you can enter a pickup code for Helthjem. We also collect empty På(fyll) containers when we deliver new ones.

If you order multiple products at once, they will be delivered in a returnable reusable box. You can use the same box for returns. The reusable box makes transportation easier while protecting the containers during transit.

Man with parcel on mat

It's that easy to have the products you need in your daily life delivered to your home. Plus, it means fewer trips to and from the store.

We deliver to addresses all over the country.

Helthjem is a major distributor of packages, magazines, and newspapers in Norway, collecting and delivering over 1.3 million products all over the country every night. Helthjem is backed by Schibsted, Amedia, and Polaris.


  • Hand soap - klar
    Hand soap
    kr 131,40
    0,15 NOK/ml
  • Shower gel - klar
    Shower gel
    kr 139,70
    0,16 NOK/ml
  • Laundry detergent - klar
    Laundry detergent
    kr 194,40
    0,10 NOK/ml
  • laundry detergent - OMO
    laundry detergent
    kr 190,40
    0,10 NOK/ml
  • Washing-up liquid - zalo
    Washing-up liquid
    kr 106,90
    0,12 NOK/ml
  • Hand soap - lano
    Hand soap
    kr 99,00
    0,11 NOK/ml
  • Kitchen spray - klar
    Kitchen spray
    kr 132,60
    0,15 NOK/ml
  • Dishwashing soap - klar
    Dishwashing soap
    kr 97,10
    0,11 NOK/ml
  • MILO Original Laundry Detergent - MILO
    MILO Original Laundry Detergent
    kr 173,20
    0,09 NOK/ml

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