Meet our Software Engineer, Gergely

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In this special series, we invite you to meet the amazing members of the På(team)! Every week, we'll bring you a bullet interview featuring one of our awesome team members.

This time, let's chat with Gergely Gazda, our talented software engineer.

Hey, Gergely! We're excited to hear how you ended up working at På(fyll). Can you share your story?

Sure! It was quite a fortunate coincidence, actually. While browsing through the open-source code repository of my favorite React framework, Next.js, which also powers På(fyll)'s front-end, I stumbled upon a job posting. It's amazing how job opportunities can pop up even in the comment threads of code repositories. It was a great starting point, and throughout the recruitment process, both På(fyll) and I felt a strong connection. That feeling has stayed with me ever since.

Now, let's talk about what excites you the most about working with På(fyll) and what motivates you every morning.

What truly stands out at På(fyll) is the fantastic work atmosphere and the support of our helpful team. As a software engineer, I've worked on various projects, but software development is never just about the technical tasks; it's the people and teamwork that make the difference. Having that support and camaraderie fuels my motivation and contributes to the success of our business.

Could you give us a glimpse of a typical day working at På(fyll)?

Contrary to what some may think, a day at På(fyll) is far from a checklist of predefined tasks. It's a dynamic process of analyzing, brainstorming, troubleshooting, prioritizing, and adapting. As software engineers, we embrace the ever-changing landscape and tackle challenges head-on. Each day presents new opportunities to learn and grow.

Now, let's explore the best thing about På(fyll) from your perspective.

In a sustainable economy, the coolest thing is how we all feel so connected and motivated. We know time's ticking, and that urgency brings us together like never before. It's like we're one big family, and never let ourselves feel too bogged down on this journey to create a better future. It is comforting to know that our combined efforts will really make a difference for the next generations.


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