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På(fyll) is a new circular service that ensures you always have the products you need.

På(fyll) is a new circular service that ensures you always have the products you need.

Find out how På(fyll) works

How it works

Order products

Order exactly what you need from our online platform, and we’ll deliver freshly filled containers directly to your doorstep.


Fill dispensers

If you have them, fill up any dispensers with product from your containers, and then you’re ready to go.


Scan to reorder

Whenever you’re running low, scan the QR code on your container or go to to order a refill.


Receive your refill

We’ll deliver another freshly filled container straight away. Leave your empty ones outside, and we’ll collect them to be washed, refilled, and used again and again.


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    Hilde shares her experience

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Frequently asked questions

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How is På(fyll) priced?

We believe that living more sustainably should not be expensive. We don't aim to be the cheapest, but we will offer reasonable prices and we are constantly working to be at about the same level as other grocery stores. Since we have a circular service, which means that we not only deliver products to you, but also collect and reuse empty containers, it also becomes an additional cost that our competitors may not have. We do our best to take on this cost, so that you as a customer don't have to pay for it.

Why don't you have fragrance-free products?

This is something we want to offer and are working on being able to offer in the long term. Even if our containers are rinsed and washed thoroughly when they are returned, there may be traces of perfume. Many people who use fragrance-free products do so because they are allergic to perfume. Therefore, we must be absolutely sure that we find a good solution so that those who cannot tolerate perfume can safely buy perfume-free refills.

Here we have to test and explore a lot on how we solve it. Therefore, we don't know when we can offer it yet.

How is På(fyll) more sustainable than single-use plastic?

We continuously work on how we can make the service even better and more environmentally friendly. We have therefore chosen to deliver the products through Helthjem, an already existing collective transport for parcel deliveries that delivers newspapers, magazines, and packages all over the country. In this way, we do not put any additional strain on the environment.

Who is behind På(fyll)?

På(fyll) is a result of collaboration between Orkla, Æra, and Bakken & Bæck. Together, the companies wanted to make it easier to live more environmentally friendly and reduce the use of single-use plastic, without cutting the products you need every day.

Want to get to know the På(team) better? Meet our founder and COO, Bård Bringsrud Svensen.

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