Meet the Founder of På(fyll), Bård

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– We cannot go into the future with the single-use of plastic packaging the way we do today. We need to think differently and focus on the core of the problem instead of just the symptoms, – says COO of På(fyll), Bård Bringsrud Svensen.

På(fyll) started as a partnership in 2019, with three visionary companies ÆRA, Bakken & Bæck, and Orkla. Together, they saw a common problem and wanted to create a solution.

– Since the 1960s, when plastic products started to emerge, we have had a use-and-throw mentality. Single-use is convenient, but it is not sensible. We believed there had to be a way to create something new," he says.

Bård Bringsrud Svensen

We Need More Circular Services

Bård has a technical background and is an educated engineer. For over 10 years, he has worked on innovation and product development at Orkla.

– I have a lot of plastic on my conscience and have worked extensively on toothbrush development, among other things," he says with a smile.

When asked about the importance of circular services like På(fyll), he responds firmly.

– It is super important. It is also important that it is not just På(fyll), but many others as well. What we know is that many new ways of doing things need to be created. The way we live now, we create enormous climate problems.

Bård mentions that he has spent a lot of time in Asia for work, where the result of pollution is much more evident than back home.

– In China, you can truly see that our current way of life is not sustainable. Circular economy shows that solutions exist. We just need to create them.

Facilitating Less Plastic Usage

– We do not sell our containers to customers. We own them. Customers only buy the contents. We use the containers repeatedly. If we succeed in our ambitions to make På(fyll) the new way of receiving everyday products, we will significantly contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste," he says.

– It can also have ripple effects on other industries. The most important thing is that we are part of the green wave and that we facilitate our customers in throwing away less plastic than before. Plastic is a good resource; we just need to use it more consciously and sensibly.

På(fyll) Has a Scalable Model

Bård further explains that they continuously work on developing the service, and the model is scalable. Currently, På(fyll) sells five products from Klar, but they will soon launch more brands on the service.

– A refill service like På(fyll) has great potential to offer various everyday products. However, we believe there is a limitation for households, between 8-10 different products," he says.

He also mentions that På(fyll) draws inspiration from other businesses, such as Patagonia, but also how ODA has revolutionized everyday shopping, considering both the climate impact and price aspect.

Where will På(fyll) be in five years?

– In five years, we will have a strong foothold in the Nordic region and possibly in other selected markets where our model can work well. We are part of the wave of new thinking. We have also proven that we have a circular model that can replace the model we have had for 50 years, and it can last for another 50 years," concludes Bård.


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