Meet Our CEO, Rayson

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In this small series, we'll introduce you to the På(team)! Every week, we'll bring you a bullet interview with one of our awesome team members.

This week we have the pleasure of catching up with our CEO!

Hey,@ Rayson Ho ! Tell us, how did you end up at På(fyll)?

Oh, it’s nothing fancy. I applied, so there’s no secret shortcut or handshake here.

What is the most exciting thing about working with På(fyll)? What get's you up in the morning?

This might sound corny but... the fact that På(fyll) even exists as a business is incredible to me. Our impact is straightforward, the more we sell the more plastic waste we eliminate (with less CO2 emissions a bonus!). So what I jump out of bed for every morning is our mission and potential to drive systems change through circularity. I'm privileged to have a very strong team in place and investors who champion us unconditionally. What a life!

Give us a sneak peek into a day working at På(fyll)?

My workday is sandwiched between my life at home with my 4-year-old. Thanks to our remote-first approach, I have the freedom to choose how and where I kickstart my day, which is a major bonus when you have a little one running around. A typical day involves a series of fire-fighting, keeping tabs on our growth and impact, and building relationships with my awesome colleagues, investors, and other important folks in the industry.

What's the best thing about På(fyll)?

Hands down it's the incredible team I have the honour of working with. These folks are not just colleagues; they're genuinely inspiring individuals who are as passionate as I am about our mission. The 2nd best thing is the scalability of the business, and I can't wait to embark on this growth journey with the best team on the planet.


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    Dishwashing Liquid Natur
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  • Hand soap - Grumme
    Hand soap
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