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Student Nina in Sotra, just outside Bergen, became curious about På(fyll) when it suddenly appeared randomly on her Instagram feed.

– I thought it was a cool concept. Plus, there were products I like and already use, she says.

Nina has mainly purchased shower gel and laundry detergent so far. But now that På(fyll) has expanded its range, she will also buy Zalo in reusable containers delivered to her door.

– The website is simple and user-friendly, so ordering products works very well.

Easy-to-Stack Containers

She mentions that she really likes the containers the products come in and finds them easy to stack.

– It's a bit annoying that some of the products are only available in the smallest container. It could have been larger. Otherwise, the containers are very nice, she says.

When asked where she keeps the På(fyll) containers at home, she answers promptly.

– I have a drawer under the washing machine where the containers fit perfectly.

Man with a package on the doormat Man with a package on the doormat

Above-Average Environmental Concern

Even though Nina hasn't thought much about it, she believes it's good to know that she generates less plastic waste at home since she started using the service.

– If you ask people around me, they will probably say that I am more than average concerned about making environmentally friendly choices in everyday life. I'm not an environmental activist, but I am quite concerned about it, she says.

More Products in the Future

Nina wishes På(fyll) had even more products in their range. This is something På(fyll) is continuously working on.

– I miss shampoo, but also more of these types of things. As it is today, you have to use the brands they have in stock to want to buy them. I like being able to choose products myself.

However, Nina will continue to buy products through På(fyll). She also recommends the service to others.

– I don't really talk about these things with people, but I have shared a bit on social media. På(fyll) is a cool concept, and it's good that they dare to invest in it, concludes Nina in Sotra.


  • Dishwashing Liquid Natur - Grumme
    Dishwashing Liquid Natur
    87,70 kr
    97,44 SEK/l
  • Kitchen spray - Grumme
    Kitchen spray
    117,20 kr
    130,22 SEK/l
  • Liquid Color Wash - Grumme
    Liquid Color Wash
    117,10 kr
    58,55 SEK/l
  • Liquid Color Wash Lime Blossom - Grumme
    Liquid Color Wash Lime Blossom
    117,10 kr
    58,55 SEK/l
  • Hand soap - Grumme
    Hand soap
    89,60 kr
    99,56 SEK/l

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