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David Gauthier is French, but he has now lived longer in Norway than he did in France. He enjoys life in Oslo with his wife and their two children. The reason he wanted to try På(fyll) was that he liked the whole concept.

– I liked the concept of buying products in reusable containers to reduce plastic packaging, and I am satisfied with how the service works so far. It's easy to order, and the delivery is fast, he says.

According to David, ordering refills of the products he needs couldn't be easier.

– I just scan the QR code on the container and go straight to my På(fyll) account, pay with Vipps, and it's delivered to my door two days later.

David adds that he hopes they will soon offer larger containers.

Less Plastic Waste

When asked if he has noticed a reduction in plastic waste, he quickly replies.

– There is still quite a bit of plastic packaging in a family of four, so a few bottles more or less in a month are not easy to notice. But I know that I use less, and that helps.

He adds that it's good not to worry about having hand soap, shower gel, and detergent available at home.

Man with package on the doormat

Committed to Making Climate-Friendly Choices

Although David is not an environmental activist, he still tries to make climate-friendly choices in his everyday life.

– I try to think about it when I shop and when I travel, he says.

He explains that more and more stores in France offer various products in climate-friendly containers, such as dry goods like cereals, pasta, and rice. He would like to buy more products than På(fyll) currently sells in the same way.

– Shampoo, for example, he says.

But he doesn't miss a package deal with several different products in the same


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