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When you order detergent from På(fyll), you will receive a 2000ml På(fyll) container delivered to your doorstep. This is the equivalent of about 3 regular bottles of detergent.

If you think 2l sounds like a lot, consider that detergent is something you always need. På(fyll) containers have screw caps and are easy to pour from without spilling. They are also easy to stack, store, and reuse for many years. This way, you reduce the amount of plastic waste, even while you continue to use your favorite products.

How much you need to order depends on the number of people in your household and how often you wash clothes.

Smart to have your own dispensers

It may be smart to pour the detergent into a smaller dispenser, which you can keep by the washing machine. You can stash the På(fyll) container away until the next time you need to refill the dispenser. The same goes for hand soap and kitchen spray, for instance.

Proper dosage of detergent is important

Are you using too much detergent?

Did you know that many people use too much detergent in the washing machine when washing clothes? It really doesn't take much. Clothes don't get cleaner by using a lot of soap. Moreover, modern washing machines use less water than older models, so you also need less detergent. In fact, overdosing on detergent is harmful to both the washing machine, tumble dryer, and the environment. Residues of detergent can also irritate the skin and cause eczema.

Since today's washing machines use less water than before, it becomes difficult to rinse away the detergent if there's too much of it. Invisible residues of detergent remain in the clothes, which in turn can harm the tumble dryer in the long run.

Therefore, make it a habit to follow the recommended dosage of detergent instead of eyeballing it.


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