Thinking circular

Making sustainable choices should be easy. That’s why we created På(fyll) – a circular service that helps you reduce the use of single-use plastic and refill instead.

Easy choice

Most of us would like to make more sustainable choices, but often, the pressures and commitments of everyday life can get in the way. Finding the time to research the most sustainable options for household products can be difficult. Even knowing where to start can be challenging. That’s why we’ve done the hard part for you. På(fyll) is a digital platform and circular service that delivers familiar household products in durable, refillable containers. Order exactly what you need from our online platform, and we’ll deliver freshly filled containers directly to your doorstep. Whenever you’re running low, we’ll deliver a freshly filled container right away and we’ll collect your empty ones to be washed, refilled, and used again and again.

Our mission

We’ve made it our mission to face one of the biggest challenges for the future consumer market: the ever-growing pile of plastic waste. We hope to create a more circular future based on more sustainable habits by reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic across the entire supply chain.

A collaboration

Behind the service you’ll find a dedicated team from Æra, Orkla and Bakken & Bæck. Common for all of us is the desire to create forward-looking services that reach the many, and that evoke real change.

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