Frequently asked questions

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What is a På(fyll) container?

På(fyll) products are delivered in either 900 ml or 2100 ml reusable containers with secure screw caps. They are easy to pour, easy to store, and created to be used again and again for years to come. This means you can now use your favourite products with less plastic and unnecessary waste.

What is a dispenser?

For some products, it’s handy to have a small dispenser for day-to-day use rather than the larger containers. We encourage you to clean and reuse something of your own such as an old hand soap pump or spray bottle, but if you need a dispenser, we can provide one with your first order for 5 kr.

Why is it called På(fyll)?

The name På(fyll) comes from the Norwegian word påfyll which both means ‘more of something’ and 'refill'. The word På 'on' also reflects the reusable and stackable containers. Our goal is to deliver everyday products in the easiest and most sustainable way.

When will På(fyll) be publicly available?

We’re currently offering a pilot service for a limited number of customers. We hope to proceed with the full public roll-out scheduled for 2023.

What products do På(fyll) offer?

På(fyll) currently offers a range of products by Klar, including hand soap, laundry detergent, shower gel, dishwashing soap and kitchen spray.

Who is behind På(fyll)?

På(fyll) is a joint initiative between Æra, Orkla and Bakken & Bæck.


How can I pay for På(fyll)?

You can pay for På(fyll) using Vipps.

How do I return empty containers?

Schedule a pick-up by scanning the QR code on the empty container. Pick a date for your return and follow the steps. You can use the cardboard box you received your order in to return your empties. If you need to return an empty container without a refill you can schedule a free pick-up. Your empties will be washed and refilled for other customers - ready to be used again and again.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free for orders of 2 or more items, and 19 kr for orders of a single item.