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When you order a product from På(fyll), the product is delivered in a På(fyll) container to your home. The På(fyll) container, designed by the Stockholm-based design agency Form Us With Love, is developed with durability, reusability, and user-friendliness in mind. The container can be used again and again. It is easy to stack and simple to pour from without spilling.

Nominated for the design award for the På(fyll) container

You simply pour the contents of the På(fyll) container into smaller dispensers that you can have standing out. Maybe you have nice dispensers at home that you can reuse? Soon you can also order your own På(fyll) dispensers from us. You can clear the container away until you need to refill the dispenser again. When the På(fyll) container starts to run low, you scan the QR code on the container and order a refill. We collect the container, wash it, refill it, and deliver it again.

Pour into smaller dispensers

The På(fyll) container was nominated for the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award 2023 in the packaging design category, where we were a finalist/honoree in the category.

According to Design Manager, Karin Blomberg at Form Us With Love, the biggest challenge was that the På(fyll) container had to be durable and versatile, considering reuse and that it should be able to contain different liquids with different viscosity. At the same time, it should be easy to use, easy to stack, and simple to pour from. The design team drew inspiration from existing solutions such as jerrycans and stackable objects like bricks. They also focused on simplifying the pouring process and finding the balance between robustness and lightweight construction.

På(fyll) container storage

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